Specialists in the development of systems for mapping, navigation and hydrographic survey.

Norcom Downloads

Demos & Documentation

Download demonstration versions of Norcom's Software, documentation and free utilities.

SeaLog Demonstration version of Sealog Download
Sealog HTML Help Download
CAMS Demonstration version of CAMS Download
CAMS HTML Help Download
Geodetic Geodetic HTML Help Download
Geodetic SDK Geodetic SDK HTML Help Download
Surveyor Surveyor HTML Help Download
Ptolemy Demonstration version of Ptolemy Download
Ptolemy HTML Help Download


Norcom has made available some of it's utilities free of charge.

GPSPort To identify the COM Port and port setting
of a GPS unit outputting NMEA Data 
ComPortTest To test data coming into a COM Port. It will support all COM ports found on the system
AISTest To display all NMEA AIS data coming into
a COM port.









Technical Support

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Meridian Product Updates

SeaTrak UK 2nd October 2010
UK Tides 2nd October 2010
UK Wrecks 2nd October 2010