Specialists in the development of systems for mapping, navigation and hydrographic survey.


Surveyor may be purchased either as a complete suite of programs or as individual applications.
The programs are available as a single or  as a discounted multi-user licensed.

Applications available:
  • Geodetic Conversions
  • Solar Position Calculations
  • Magnetic Variation
  • Survey Network Adjustment Using Least Squares Analysis
  • Grid to Grid Coordinates Shift
  • Boxin Transponder Positioning
  • Heading from Pitch and Roll
  • Tidal Prediction for Standard Port and Co-tidal locations
  • Transit Fix Position Check
  • Ultra Short Base LIne System Calibration
  • Speed of Sound in Water Calculation
  • Anchor Catenary Presentation & Calculation

Geodetic Conversions


Various geodetic computations including grid to geographical conversion, datum shift, range and bearing computation.
Also available bulk conversion of co-ordinates.
(See geodetic)

Solar Position Calculations

The software computes the azimuth to the sun from observations and using star almanac tables. This software can be used
to calibrate a gyrocompass.


Magnetic Variation

Uses the The International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) model to determine the components of the magnetic field
vector a given location.

Network Adjustment

The software uses least squares to adjust a network points using measured ranges, bearings and position observations.
The software can be used for calibrating an acoustic network.

Grid on Grid

The software computes the relationship between two grid systems and then allows the operator to convert between the two systems.
Computation can be used for calibrating an acoustic network with a surface navigation system.


To determine the position of a seabed transponder by observing acoustic ranges from a vessel sailing around the transponder.
The software uses sequential least squares to deterine the position so there is no limitation on the number of observations taken.

Heading from Pitch and Roll

 To compute and graphically display heading and tilt from pitch and roll readings

Tidal Predictions

The software computes and displays the tidal curve based on a standard port and tidal harmonics all parameters have been
obtained from the UK Hydrographic Office.

Transit Fix

 The software from observations computes the position of the legs of a 3 or 4 leg structure and also the centre. USBL Calibration

The software is used to calibrate an USBL navigation system, the software will compute the likely errors in range, alignment, pitch
and roll

Speed of Sound in Water

The software can use the following formulae to compute the velocity of sound in water.

  • Chen & Millero (1977)
  • Del Grosso
  • LeRoy
  • MacKenzie
  • Medwin
  • Wilson(full and simplified)
  • Woods.

The software also has the ability to produce velocity profiles from a series of points.

Anchor Catenary

  • Simple Catenary
  • Buoy on Line
  • Tug mode
  • Variable water depth
  • Pennant wire length
  • Adjustable Clearance
  • Graphical Display
  • Cursor Measurement
  • Vertical Scale multiplier

    For realtime catenary anchor monitoring see Norcom's CAMS system