Specialists in the development of systems for mapping, navigation and hydrographic survey.

Software / Products

Tide Monitor

Software for the capture and monitoring of multiple tidal gauges. Works using telemetry, serial or TCP/IP communications. Robust and reliable, can extrapolate and cubic spline data, allows output to Admiralty file format or CSV file.

Geodetic SDK

Software development Kit (SDK) for geodetic computations.
The Geodetic DLL can work with applications written in
Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Borland C++.


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Sealog is a datalogging and monitoring program for ROV, Trencher, Ploughs and other subsea devices.

The software can acquire data from multiple sensors
via RS232, time tag the data and log it.


Surveryor4W offeres the field and office based surveyor
quick and accurate calculations of the most common
computations found within Hydrographic Survey.


Realtime Catenary Anchor Monitoring System


Ptolemy is a PC based online navigation and positioning software package for Hydrographic survey work. Propriety techniques are used to acquire, compute, display and log
data from multiple survey.