Specialists in the development of systems for mapping, navigation and hydrographic survey.


Geodetic is a standalone applicartion which will allow the user to carry out a series of geodetic calculations using either predefined parameters or user input data.
The software was first developed in 1984 to run on a PC running under DOS and has been constantly been redeveloped in line with PC development.
The current version runs under Windows XP and Vista.

Based on the computational routines used with Geodetic Norcom has developed a stand alone DLL that can be incorporated into and third party software developed
in Visual Basic or Visual C++ For more details 

Grid to Geographical

Also computed:-

  • Cartesian Co-ordinates (X,Y,Z)
  • Convergence
  • Point Scale Factor
  • Radii of Curvature (Rho, Nu)
  • One Second of Arc

Datum Shift

Methods Include

  • 3 / 5 / 7 Parameter Shift
  • NADCON (North American Datum)
  • Statens KartVerk Norway.
  • Geographical Shifts
  • Grid Translations
  • OSGB 

Bulk Transfer

Co-ordinate conversion of data from an ACSII file.

Features include:-

  • User defined data input
  • User defined data output
  • Grid to Geog conversion
  • Datum Shift co-ordinates.
  • User defined units.

Range and Bearing Calculation

  • Range and bearing between two point
  • Spheroid and Slope Distance
  • Forward and Reverse Bearing
  • Line Scale Factor
  • t-T Correction for TM Projection

Long Line Calculation

  •     Great Circle Range and Bearing
  •     Rhumb Line Range and Bearing
  •     Length of One Nautical Mile

Traverse Calculation

  • Computation from range & bearing.
  • Grid or Geographical Computation
  • Height computed from Vertical Angle


35 pre-defined spheroids including:-

  •           GRS80
  •          WGS84
  •          Hayford International.
  •          Clarke
  •          Bessel
  •          Everest

Plus user entered data of:-

  • Semi-Major Axis (a)
  • Semi-Minor Axis (b)
  • Inverse Flattening (f)
  • Eccentricity (e)


Projections types include:-

  • Transverse Mercator
  • Mercator
  • Lambert Conical
  • Cassini-Soldner
  • Azimuthal Equidistant
  • State Plane (USA)
  • Rectified Skew Orthomorphic (Borneo and Malaysia),
  • Norwegian National Grid (NGO)
  • Danish National Grid
  • Stereographic.  

Including over 150 pre-defined projection parameters.


Predefined datum shift parameters including:-

  •  WGS84 to OSGB36
  • NADCON (North American Datum)
  •  Statens KartVerk Norway.

Plus user entered data of:-

  • Transformations (dX, dY, dZ)
  • Rotations (rX, rY, rZ)
  • Scale Factor (ppm)

Rotation Method

  • Co-ordinate Frame
  • Position Vector

Unit Format

Geographicals and Angles

  • Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
  • Degrees and Minutes
  • Degrees
  • Gradians

Default Geographical Quadrants

  •  Latitude (North or South)
  •  Longitude (East or West)

Units of Length

  • Metric
  • Nautical
  • Imperial
  • User Defined




  • Day, Month and Year all Numeric
  • Month as Text
  • American Format Month, Day and Year


  • Hours and Minutes
  • Hours, Minutes and Seconds
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds